Dear Students and Parents,

Throughout history, art is one of the earliest methods of communicating ideas whether through commercial art or fine art. They are connected.

My goal is to awaken the right side of the student's brain. This is the side of the brain that is best at emotion, music, color, image, intuition, and of course creativity.  

I believe all young people can be creative, they just need to be nurtured. Art is not just about how to create a picture or an object. Its main purpose is to develop the skills in which a student feels free to interpret visual information, perceive the bigger picture, see the context of a new idea out of seemingly unrelated ideas, to be intuitive, acquire a sense of aesthetic, to have imagination and be inventive. 

Art teaches how to see deeply. My goal is to help develop the whole brained student.

A bit about me, I teach Art to 6-8th graders at Lawrence Jones Middle school and at Rancho and Tech High I teach Drawing 1 to 9-12th grade. I have an Associate of Arts in Art from Santa Rosa Junior College and a Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I also have twenty years of experience in the graphic design/advertising world. I have worked for various local advertising agencies and have run my own freelance graphic design business here in Sonoma County. My husband and I have lived here for over 30 years, and we have loved raising our 3 children in this beautiful  area.

We will be studying art practices, skills, vocabulary, history and aesthetics through a variety of projects.  I take joy in introducing your students to the wonderful world of visual arts. We have an exciting year together.

All the best,

Ms. Keyser

[email protected]

Visual Art Guidelines

Welcome to Visual Arts! 

Art helps...

• Teach learners to be more tolerant and open.

• Allow learners to express themselves.

• Promote individuality, bolster self-confidence, improve overall academics. 

• Help all students develop appreciation/understanding of people and the world. 

• Help students develop a sense of craftsmanship, goal-setting, communication skills.

• Strengthens student problem-solving and critical thinking skills, adding to overall     academic achievement and school success.

• Help students develop a positive work ethic and pride in a job well done. 

"We Believe: Visual art is essential to human development. Artistic achievements have been with us since long before the printed word; art has been called our first language. Through inquiry into the origins and traditions of art, students become more literate. They learn about art concept, cultural traditions, historical perspectives and the progress of civilizations. This promotes student understanding and enables them to shape their visual environment while enriching their experience in the present and the future."


1. Come to class on time, be prepared to work. 

2. Behave appropriately. Use all of your class time for working. 

3. Follow directions and participate. 

4. Cleanup messes even if you did not make them

5. Use materials wisely. 

6. Have respect for all people in the classroom.

7. Be creative and TRY to do your best. Effort counts.

Goals for the Class

We will explore the elements of art and the principles of design through the use of many different types of projects using a variety of media. This class will open your eyes to the world of art, the earliest form of communication and an essential skill in a variety of future careers. The ability to visualize an idea and be able to communicate it to others through a variety of ways is a huge asset in the working world.

Types of Assignments 

We will be studying art practices, skills, vocabulary, history and aesthetics through a variety of projects. Units will revolve around a period or movement in art history that will each have  several smaller projects leading up to a larger art project. 

Grading Policy

Projects are evaluated by the student and the teacher based on creativity, following directions, craftsmanship, originality and effort.